Drive B
Shot Type
Forehand Drive Volley
  • Sliding
  • B Shape

A topspin drive volley with two consecutive bounce arcs, the shape of which form the eponymous 'B'. The user usually slides up near the net and then jumps to perform the Drive B. However, during Echizen's match against Aoi Kentarō, Ryoma also uses a Drive B when he is still sliding on the ground. He then uses the force made by the ball to go even faster. Though it grants him more speed, this version lacks the regular Drive B height; due to the topsin, it curves towards the ground instead of going out.

This is Ryoma's first original shot (as opposed to moves he copies from other players), and is first used in his match against Fuji Yūta. Besides the twist serve, it probably is his most notable shot, In the English dub, it has been renamed Drive


  • Atobe first countered Ryoma's Drive B with a Super Rising.
  • Kevin countered Ryoma's Drive B with another Drive B.
  • Sanada (in the manga) countered Ryoma's Drive B with Ka.
  • Atobe countered this move a second time in the nationals by smashing.
  • In the manga, Dudu Obandu counters this by using his own special technique Super Jump.