Doki Doki Survival - Sanroku no Mystic is a dating game made for the Prince of Tennis franchise.


Doki Doki Survival - Sanroku no Mystic

You are Kohinata Tsugumi. Your father is a ship captain who is currently carrying the tennis teams to the place they are supposed to have a training. Since you are in holiday and have the same route with the boys to the place you’re going to spend your holiday, your father offered to take you there, beside the tennis team doesn’t really mind. Joining you is your friend, Fujimoto Ayaka.

In the way, there is a typhoon and during the ruckus of leaving the ship, you are saved by Tezuka. You loose conciousness afterwards.

You are awake to Tezuka and Akaya’s worried face. Apparently all of you ended up in an unhibited island. However your father and the coaches’ whereabouts are unknown. You are worried about your father. After discussing, the tennis team decided to divide themselves in two groups. One taking the mountain area and another one the beach. You joined the mountain team while Ayaka joined the beach one.

The gameplay is stalking the boys you want and pick the right answer when asked. Your daily activities there are helping the boys in their various survival chores and some mini-game through it.

Doki doki survival characters

You, Kohinata Tsugumi (left) and your friend, Fujimoto Ayaka(right).








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