Dear My Songs
Dear my Songs
Yuki Kaida
Shūsuke Fuji
Release date
30 November 2016
¥2,290 + tax
Complete music list

Dear My Songs is the second mini-album by Fuji Shusuke.


  1. 大好き (Daisuki, I Love)
  2. Shadow Game
  3. You Got Game?
  4. 夏の太陽 (Natsu no Taiyo, Summer Sunshine)
  5. Birthday ~歩き始めた日~ -不二周助ソロバージョン- (Birthday ~Aruki Hajimeta hi~ -Fuji shūsuke sorovuājon, -Birthday ~The Day Began to Walk~ Fuji Solo Version-)
  6. ぼくらのキセキ (Bokura no Kiseki, Our Miracle)

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