Daimaru Daikichi



Dai Maru Daikichi

Junior High

Shishigaku 3rd year

Club Position


Manga Debut

Genius 283

Daimaru Daikichi is the captain of the Shishigaku tennis club.


Prior to the NationalsEdit

Under the false pretense of helping Tezuka Kunimitsu with his rehabilitation, the spiteful Daimaru challenged Tezuka to a match. When Tezuka declined, Daimaru threatened to hurt Chitose Miyuki.

Thus, Tezuka had no choice but to comply with Daimaru's demand. Suffering from a case of the yips, Tezuka failed to even win a game from Daimaru. Later, drawing inspiration from Miyuki, Tezuka overcame the yips. In their second match of the day, Daimaru could not even touch Tezuka's serves.


Shishigaku received a bye into the second round where they were effortlessly defeated by Hyotei Academy.

Tennis RecordEdit

Unofficial MatchesEdit

Player(s) Position Opponent(s) Score
Daimaru Daikichi Unofficial Kunimitsu Tezuka Lost 0-6 (presumably)

Nationals Round 2Edit

Player(s) Position Opponent(s) Score
Daimaru Daikichi Singles 1 Keigo Atobe Lost 0-6

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