The Prince of Tennis
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode 10
Air date
December 12, 2001 (Japan)
October 16, 2006 (English)
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Ryoma vs. Momoshiro

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Tokyo District Preliminary arc

Counter-attack! Sasabe Again? ("逆襲!佐々部再び", Gyakushuu! Sasabe Futatabi) is the tenth episode of the series and the tenth in the Intraschool Ranking arc.

The opening song is "Future" by Hiro-X and ending is "You Got Game" by Kimeru.

Summary Edit

Kato Kachiro takes Ryoma and the other freshmen to where his father works as a tennis coach. However, when they get there, they see Kato's father being verbally abused by a man who is a regular at the tennis club. Kato's father insists that this man warms up before playing a match so as not to hurt his body, but the man boasts that he is a professional tennis player who doesn't need to be taught by someone else. It turns out that this man is actually Sasabe's dad (The guy in the first episode) whose known as the "Golden Retriever."

Echizen then teaches this guy a lesson by versing him in a tennis match. The older man can return almost every shot that comes his way, but his weakness is that he stays at the baseline the entire time. Ryoma seems to be struggling in the match, but it turns out he simply wasn't playing properly because he considered the match 'warming up'. However, they do not complete the match because Sasabe's father pulls a muscle as a result of not stretching first.

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Sasabe (father)
  • Kachiro's father

Tennis Techniques Introduced Edit

  • Passing Shot

Manga Chapter Equivalents Edit

  • Chapter 17: Have Mercy

Anime and Manga Differences Edit

  • Sakuno and Tomoka appear with the others in the anime.
  • Momoshiro, Nanjiro, and Shiba collide with each other on their bikes arguing but this is nowhere in the manga.
  • The younger Sasabe (the one who first met Ryoma) appears in this episode though this does not happen in the manga.

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