Cool Night
Cool Night Cover
Junichi Suwabe
Keigo Atobe
Complete music list

Cool Night is Atobe's single for the Christmas Songs Collection.


ブルーのヒカリは(Blue light)
攻める Cool Night
特別な 日も
甘えん じゃねえよ

誰もが 羨む
攻めた Only Night
破滅への 輪舞曲は
今夜も 響いて
クリスマス ベル(Christmas Bell)
揺れてん じゃねぇよ

クール(cool)に 行こうぜ
甘えん じゃねぇよ

Blue no hikari wa semeru Cool Night
ore-sama no bigi ni yowasete miseru
tokubetsu na hi mo amae n ja nee yo

daremo ga urayamu semeta Only Night
hametsu e no rondo wa konya mo hibiite
Christmas bell yurete n ja nee yo

Cool ni ikou ze!
amae n ja nee yo

Cool night attacked by a blue light
I'll amaze you with my prowess
Even on this special day, I won't go easy on you

Everyone is jealous of the only night I attacked
My "rondo towards destruction" echoes tonight as well
It's not the christmas bells that are jingling

Let's go coolly
I won't go easy on you

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