Cool E
Cool E cover
Cool E Cover
Minagawa Junko
Echizen Ryoma
Release date
¥3000 (inclusive of tax)
Distributed By
King Records
Catalog Number
Complete music list

Cool E is an album released by Echizen Ryoma (Junko Minagawa).

Cool EEdit

  1. Rising - Scene from 2002.07.03 - [Rising 2002 (Instrumental)]
  2. Never End
  3. 夢のありか (Yume no Arika)
  4. Between You & Me ~ ここだけの話 (Kokodake no Hanashi) ~
  5. Thank You For..
  6. There
  7. Future - Ryoma Version
  8. キミが待つ家まであと6分 (Kimi ga Matsu Ie Made ato Roppun)
  9. Flying Bicycle
  10. White Line - Ryoma with Junko BGV
  11. Believe Myself
  12. Special Disc Rising 2003

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