The Prince of Tennis
Season 5, Episode 127
Episode 128
Air date
April 7, 2004.
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Conclusion ~ Which One Will Win is the 128th episode of the original Prince of Tennis series. It was first aired on April 7, 2004.


Yukimura is battling surgery and Ryoma and Sanada are battling it out against each other. Ryoma is getting tired because the strain on his eyes combined with the difficult cyclone smash is making the match more tiresome.

Ryoma continues on but without the greatest of results. The score is now 5 to 3 and Ryoma can't get the 15, 30, or 40 point. All of his previous opponents can't believe this. There is more potential in Ryoma, everyone can see it. Then it skips from him to a few of the people he has played (and won) so far. The things they say are supposed to provoke him to "awaken" and it works. And that's when it happens...Ryoma awakens.

He doesn't even awaken fully because there is definitley more to this brat (as stated by Akutsu). And he continues to show it. First he speaks English which adds a pleasant commedic effect to the atmosphere and also introduces the brand new Ryoma; one with the samurai eye.

As he has awaken he was now able to return Sanada's difficult shots. At match point he fully awakened and hit the ball back so fast no one saw it. Then it skips to show the Seigaku team and how suprised they were that Ryoma returned the ball.

He ties the games 5 to 5 and for the last final stretch he uses the moves of his previous opponents which in a sense honors them. First it is the Spot, and then Twist Spin Shot. Next is deep impulse and enbu style. And finally Akutsu's smash. With his irregular playing style it's impossible to tell what he is going to do next. After this awe-inspiring display of power the match and the Kanto tournament is won by Seigaku. The day ends with news of Yukimura's success in the operation and all you can eat sushi at Kawamura's.

New Moves Introduced

  • Samurai Eye - The new personality of Ryoma on the tennis court. This is the same eye Nanjiro Echizen used.