The Prince of Tennis
Season New Prince of Tennis, Episode 6
Cliffs of heart
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Cliffs of the Heart is the 6th episode of New Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 8th Febrary 2012.


The winning middle school team have now started the next stage of their hard training right away, which consisted of complex combinations of exercises. Ryoma and Kintarou joined the other losers in facing together the biggest challenge of their lifetime given to them by the mental coach, Saitou. Since becoming the only middle school tennis teams ever invited throughout Japan: their goal is to reach the top of a very high and steep mountain in order to prove their strength, will and power, and to close the gap between themselves and the winners. But, what awaits Ryoma, Kintarou and the losing team up there is either a heavenly paradise, or a blazing hell they surely will never forget.

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