Christmas Songs Cover Album
Christmas Songs Album
Christmas Songs Cover Album
Release date
20 December 2014
Complete music list

Christmas Songs Cover Album is an album that will be released as part of the Anikuji Christmas Collection 2014.


  1. 聖夜の交響曲 (Seiya no Kōkyōkyoku, Symphony of Christmas Eve - by Fuji Shuisuke)
  2. 奴等が校庭にやってくる! (Yatsura ga Kōtei ni Yattekuru!, Boys are Coming to the Schoolyard! - by Shiraishi Kuranosuke)
  3. God Bless You (by Yukimura Seiichi)
  4. ボクはブン太クロース (Boku wa Bunta Kurōsu, I am Bunta Claus - by Bunta Marui)
  5. WINTER KINGDOM (By Atobe Keigo)
  6. We wish upon a star (By Echizen Ryoma)
  7. Message for You 2014 (Fuji Shusuke)
  8. Message for You 2014 (Shiraishi Kuranosuke)
  9. Message for You 2014 (Yukimura Seiichi)
  10. Message for You 2014 (Marui Bunta)
  11. Message for You 2014 (Atobe Keigo)
  12. Message for You 2014 (Echizen Ryoma)

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