Chiba Prefecture

Symbol of Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region and the Greater Tokyo Area. The sixth most populous prefecture, and 27th largest by land area, Chiba is on the east coast of Honshu and largely consists of the Bōsō Peninsula, which encloses the eastern side of Tokyo Bay. Its capital is Chiba City.

In Prince of Tennis

There are 12 schools that hail from this Prefecture. One of them made it to the National Tournament, while the others participated in either the Kanto Regional Tournament, Chiba District Preliminaries or the Chiba Prefectural tournaments:

  1. Rokkaku Middle School (Nationals)
  2. Chokai
  3. Funabashi
  4. Hana
  5. Ikeue
  6. Kainokou
  7. Kasahara Daini
  8. Kasumi Daiyon (Kanto)
  9. Masa
  10. Rakuka Gakuin
  11. Sankyou Gakuen
  12. Shinshou