The Prince of Tennis
Season 4, Episode 90
Episode 90
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Cheap Housing Beach Volleyball is the 90th episode of Prince of Tennis. It was originally aired on the 9th of July 2003.


The Seigaku tennis team go to the beach for a holiday, after receiving a hotel voucher from one of Taka-san's relatives. However, they lose the voucher. With no money, they cannot afford to stay at a hotel, but then Ryoma's dad, Nanjiro appears and he persuades them to work for his shop by the beach (not actually his shop, but he is looking after it as a "favour" to his friend, although his real purpose is because he can earn money while seeing girls in bikinis everyday) to earn money.

At first, everything goes well, then the shop is destroyed by Taka-san's burning power. With no food and the shop in ruins, Ryoma's dad decides to hold a volleyball competition announcing that whoever wins one match against Kaidoh and Ryoma will get to each at the restaurant for free and whoever wins the whole competition gets a luxurious holiday.

Kaidoh and Ryoma do well at first, but when Sasabe (the guy in the first episode who was thoroughly defeated by Ryoma) and his dad (the "Golden Retriever" who pushes everyone around and was also taught a lesson by Ryoma in one of the previous episodes) hear about this, they decide to participate in this competition to get revenge on Ryoma.

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