Cap to Bin is a group consisting of Seigaku regulars Kaido Kaoru, Eiji Kikumaru, Inui Sadaharu, Kawamura Takashi, and Momoshiro Takeshi.


Ometto SambaEdit

  1. Ometto Samba
  2. Keep on Dreaming

Tonde Mawatte Mata RaishuuEdit

  1. Tonde Mawatte Mata Raishuu
  2. Ishikawa Hiroyuki? ~Motto wa Bunburyoudou~

Rock 54!? ~Rock na Hito wo Sagashitemiyou~Edit

  1. Rock 54!? ~Rock na Hito wo Sagashitemiyou~
  2. Rock 54!? ~Rock na Hito wo Sagashitemiyou~ (Original Karaoke)


  1. Sankyuu!!
  2. Sankyuu!! (Original Karaoke)

Cap to Bin No Singles BestEdit

  1. Keep on Dreaming
  2. Rock 54!? ~Rock na Hito wo Sagashitemiyou~
  3. Sankyuu!!
  4. Ishikawa Hiroyuki? ~Motto wa Bunburyoudou~
  5. Ometto Samba
  6. Tonde Mawatte Mata Raishuu
  7. Mainichi ga Happy New Year (bonus track)

Party TimeEdit

  1. Party Time
  2. Party Time (Original Karaoke)


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