COOL Drive

The effect of Cool Drive

Shot Type
Forehand Drive Volley
Counter-clockwise Sidespin
  • The stance used to perform COOL Drive.
  • More spin than Drive C
  • From the racquet to the face
  • Tanishi hit by Cool Drive

A powerful smash with a huge spin that makes the ball roll instead of bouncing up. It is similar to Fuji'sTsubame Gaeshi, but the COOL Drive uses an enormous sidespin instead of underspin. In the manga, Ryoma uses this shot for the first time to defeat Genichirō Sanada.

In the anime, he does not use it until the Nationals, where he uses it against Kei Tanishi of Higa Chuu; Ryoma smashes the ball into his opponent's racquet where the ball then spins towards Kei's face.

The ball has so much sidespin that upon landing it violently rolls in a 'C' Shape even more than Drive C. The move is said to have twice the spin as Drive C.


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