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Bobby Max
Bobby Max



Bobī Makkusu


Beast Bulldozer




American Team

Dominant Arm


Voice Actor

Hari Kaneko (Japanese)

Bobby Max (ボビー・マックス, Bobī Makkusu) is the tallest and most muscularly developed of his fellow American Team teammates. He is also a skilled former baseball, basketball and American football player, but he his short temper and poor sportsmanship often causes whatever sports team he is on to become suspended for the year/season. Because of his continous poor temper, he often causes a lot of problems on the sports scene.

Bobby struggles (often unsuccessfully) to control his temper and poor sportsmanship that have gotten him banned from most sports in his school. Baker convinces Bobby to try tennis after he causes his school's football team to be suspended.


In the Junior Invitational match against Kiyosumi Sengoku, Bobby employs a combination of skills from his prior sports experience, including a shot that mimics a football three-point stance, and a mastery of his build and athleticism as his primary techniques.

Bobby continues to struggle within the game with his poor sportsmanship. He argues with the referee over every point Sengoku scores, and nearly destroys his racquet after a call. Baker spends most of the match trying to calm Bobby's temper. However, his efforts are in vain after neither player can continue the match, and the game is declared No Game.


  • His (Unnamed) stats are 95.4, 83.5, and 74.4.

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