The New Prince of Tennis OVA 02 1112

Sanada's Black Aura

Black Aura is a state where one has fun enjoying tennis but is not completely ready to let go of the desire to win. This was stated by Seiichi Yukimura when Sanada first used it in their singles match at the U-17 camp.

Black Aura allows the user to hit a notably fast shot and then change the direction of the ball extremely suddenly whilst its in the air, making it extremely difficult to return. The direction change of the ball is done by Sanada swinging his arm a second time whilst the ball is in the opponent's court.

Sanada was able to recover from the yips inflicted by Yukimura's tennis using this. Based from Yukimura's observation, it may be that the Black Aura is an incomplete form of Teni Muho no Kiwami.

Double Clutch:

Sanada during his match was able to bend the ball's trajectory twice by accident when falling, meaning that he isn't limited to one bend, however he is unable to do it by will at his current level.



  • There is a song that is sung by Sanada's voice actor called Black Aura.

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