Watanabe Daisuke


As a fourth-generation Seigaku cast member, Watanabe Daisuke as Tezuka Kunimitsu appeared in the 11th Best Actors CD.

The CD was released on July 30, 2008.


  1. Dash!
  2. Jewel in My Heart
  3. Blazing Shine
  4. Instrumental ~ Tezuka vs. Kite [Instrumental ~ 手塚 VS 木手]
  5. Yomigaerishi Mono [よみがえりし者]
  6. Ryoma vs. Tanishi Ⅱ [Instrumental ~ リョーマ VS 田仁志 Ⅱ]
  7. Fuji・Kawamura vs. Chinen・Hirakoba I [Instrumental ~ 不二・河村 VS 知念・平古場 Ⅰ]
  8. Semero, Tsuyoku Nare! - Kunimitsu Solo Edition [攻めろ、強くなれ!・・・Kunimitsu Solo Edition]
  9. Aoku Moeru Honoo - Kunimitsu Solo Edition [青く燃える炎・・・Kunimitsu Solo Edition]
  10. Watanabe Daisuke Message for You [渡辺大輔 Message for You]

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