Released December 19, 2005, Hyotei A's Kato Kazuki as Atobe Keigo was the second actor to showcase a Best Actors album.


  1. Koori no Emperor - Keigo Solo Edition [氷のエンペラー…Keigo Solo Edition]
  2. Instrumental ~ Inui · Kaidoh vs. Shishido · Ootori [Instrumental ~ 乾.海堂 vs 宍戸.鳳]
  3. Instrumental ~ Kawamura vs. Kabaji [Instrumental ~ 河村 vs 樺地]
  4. Ore-sama no Bigi ni Boogie Woogie [俺様の美技にブギウギ]
  5. Instrumental ~ Tezuka vs. Atobe [Instrumental ~ 手塚 vs 跡部]
  6. Do Your Best! - Keigo Solo Edition
  7. Higher!
  8. Solitaire
  9. Kato Kazuki - Message For You [加藤和樹 MESSAGE FOR YOU]
  10. Flaming Ice

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