Awakening Soul
Rikkai Super Stars
Rikkai Super Stars
Yuki Masuda
Niou Masaharu
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Awakening Soul (sometimes Awakened Soul) is the 6th track to Rikkai Super Stars.


絶望こそが 進化へのStage
あの日 固く誓った

Wake up!
積み重ねた歴史の差も追い越す 完成した
イリュージョン放て 本物極めるぜ

限界超えた 無茶なDeath-Trap
命知らずなSoul 覚醒(めざ)めさせて

実現不可能 可能にする
経験だけじゃない Mental Force

憧れた魂の生き様まで 憑依させた
イリュージョンで今 新たな自我をつかむ

俺は俺のままで Carry out
世界転がすぜ 一心同体

限界超えた 熱いTrick&Trap
ひとりきりじゃないProof of Steel Mind
満身創痍から 生んだ絆

Zetsubō koso ga shinka e no Stage
ano hi kataku chikatta
kotae o mitsuke tai

Wake up!
tsumikasane ta rekishi no sa mo oikosu kansei shi ta
iryūjon hanate honmono kiwameru ze

genkai koe ta mucha na Death-Trap
hitori kiri ja nai shinpashī de
inochishirazu na Soul kakusei (me za) mesase te
shōri no keshin ni nare

jitsugen fukanō kanō ni suru
keiken dake ja nai Mental Force
chikai o hatasu ze

akogare ta tamashī no iki sama made hyōi sase ta
iryūjon de ima arata na jiga o tsukamu

ore wa ore no mama de Carry out
taore ta tte tenohira de
sekai korogasu ze isshin dōtai
omae no keshin ni naro u

genkai koe ta atsui Trickando Trap
hitori kiri ja nai Proof of Steel Mind
manshin sōi kara un da kizuna
kiseki no keshin da ze yo

Only despair is a stage to evolution
I want to find the answer
that we firmly vowed ourselves to

Wake up!
I'll release a finished illusion that'll surpass the difference
between the piled up histories, and then we'll see who's the real master

My reckless death-trap that broke the limits
With sympathy telling me I'm not alone
Wake up the daredevil soul inside me
and I'll become an incarnation of victory

It makes the impossible possible
my mental force that has not only had experiece
will fulfill our vow

Now I'll get myself a new ego with an illusion
that even possesses the souls way of life that I longed for

I'll carry it out in my own way
Even if I collapse I'll do it with the palm of my hand
It will roll this world, this alteregoism
I can even become an incarnation of you

A burning trick & trap that broke the limits
I'm not alone, it's a proof of my steel mind
Having wounds all over my body gave birth to this bond
It's an incarnation of a miracle


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