The Australian U-17 World Cup Team is a participating team in the U-17 World Cup.


They are ranked as the 18th country in the world.

Pre-World Cup Exhibition MatchEdit

They are hinted to play against the British U-17. It is also hinted that they won since the UK team dropped in their world rankings from 5 to 7, while Australia rose from 20 to 18.

Group LeagueEdit

It was mentioned Australia defeated the Switzerland team in their first round robin match. They are facing Japan next.


High SchoolersEdit

Middle SchoolersEdit


Tennis RecordEdit

Group LeagueEdit

vs SwitzerlandEdit

Australia was confirmed to have defeated the Switzerland U-17 World Cup Team, 3-2.

vs JapanEdit

Position Player(s) Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Jean Fitzgerald/Chris Hopman Genichirō Sanada/Seiichi Yukimura Lost (5-7)
Doubles 1 Milky Millman/Mac McGregor Keigo Atobe/Shūsuke Fuji Lost (6-7 [146-148])
Singles 3 J. J. Dorgias Kintarō Tōyama Lost (Forfeit)


  • Jean Fitzgerald is probably based off of John Fitzgerald, a former professional tennis player from Australia.
  • Chris Hopman is probably based off of Harry Hopman, a world-acclaimed tennis player and coach.


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