Australian Formation

Oishi and Kikumaru using the Australian Formation.

In doubles, a formation where the server and partner stand on the same side of the court before starting the point. This formation was first shown during Seigaku's match against St.Rudolph in Doubles 1 from Oishi and Kikumaru.


Ways to Counter it

  • One way to counter the Australian Formation is to hit the ball at a high rate of speed to the point where the opponent cannot react in time. This was shown when Yagyu used a Laser Beam on Oishi and Kikumaru when they were using the Australian Formation.
  • Another way is to limit where the Australian Formation users can return their shots to. This was displayed by Shishido and Otori when they were lined up towards the right side of the court, front and back. This forced Kikumaru to hit to their left side where Ootori anticipated it.
  • Because the users of an Australian Formation move exactly when the opponent is going to return the ball, the opponent can throw off their timing with various methods and return the ball towards an unguarded area for a return ace. One of the methods demonstrated by Kaneda of St.Rudolph is by taking a step back exactly when the opponent moves and hitting the ball towards an undefended area (in this case, a lob towards the left baseline).