Tennis Matches
A vs H
Tiebreaker-Style Elimination Match
Atobe and Hiyoshi
Final Score

This match begins in Golden Age 010: Those Chosen by their Captains (Opening Act) and concludes in Golden Age 011: Those Chosen by their Captains (Final Act).

Tiebreaker-Style Elimination MatchEdit

Atobe opens the match with his Tannhäuser Serve. Hiyoshi manages to return the serve and quickly scores the first point.

The score is reaches 28-28. Hiyoshi remembers back to the time he first saw Atobe play and how that impacted his decision to enter the tennis club. He furthermore adopted Gekokujo, so that he could keep challenging Atobe without having to feel bad about losing. However, he thinks the situation is different now, that he'll definitely defeat Atobe and overthrow the King.

Atobe has taken a 46-45 lead against Hiyoshi. He says that it seems like Hiyoshi has finally overcome his stamina problem. Oshitari realizes that Atobe has kept the score close on purpose to draw out the match. Atobe then ends the point with his Rondo Towards Destruction while the Hyoutei chant can be heard in the background. After the match, Atobe tells Hiyoshi to find his own version of the chant.

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