Atobe Kingdom in Anime

Atobe placing Irie in Atobe Kingdom.


While the World of Ice is able to see through an opponent tennis player's blind spots, such blind spots are external and it can be covered up by certain methods. For example, Tezuka Zone was used to veer Atobe Keigo's shots away from said blind spots. A person can also use their speed, flexibility, field of vision, and reaction time to erase their blind spots.

Mastering his Insight even further during his Court Shuffle Match against Irie Kanata, Atobe is able to see through his opponent's skeletal structure and, by extension, see the opponent's Zettai Shikaku, and time his shots during the moments when the Zettai Shikaku acts up, able to hit the ball when the opponent is unable to move at all.

Absolute Blind SpotsEdit

The human body itself have their own dead angles, which is known as the Zettai Shikaku (lit. Absolute Blind Spots), which are located in the joints that humans are unable to conform to because the skeletal structure can only move in certain ways regardless of one's flexibility or speed.

In DoublesEdit

Its effective nature is also apparent in doubles as well, when paired with Tezuka Zone (Niou as Tezuka), as it helps to challenge and pressure the Super High School Doubles Specialists (Tsukimitsu Ochi and Juzaburō Mōri).

Ways to Counter itEdit

  • Juzaburō Mōri was able to break out of the conformity of the Zettai Shikaku by dislocating his shoulders, allowing him to move for a split second. This was due to his skeletal structure being disrupted by such an irregular action on a body, throwing off the joint's regular limitation. This, however, is dangerous and was only performed due to being in a desperate moment.


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