Atobe's Gift

Atobe's Gift

This original soundtrack was released as a collection of songs from the mini movie: Atobe's Gift. It contains 15 songs.

Song ListEdit

  1. Atobe Kara no Okurimono ~Kimi ni Sasageru TeniPuri Matsuri~
  2. Atobe Keigo Presents
  3. Super Tennis Festival Kaimaku
  4. Kyuugi Taikai
  5. Kabaji no Omoi
  6. Obake Yashiki
  7. Chuugakusei Taikou Quiz Corner
  8. Eden no Chuushingura
  9. Live
  10. Shocking Couple 5 vs 5
  11. Shougaibutsu Relay Kyousou
  12. Goal Suru Futari
  13. Brand New Day (Gekijou size)
  14. Jigajisan
  15. Departures

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