The Aramenoma U-17 World Cup Team is a participating team in the U-17 World Cup.


They are ranked as the No.28 Country on the U-17 World Cup Ranking.

The Aramenoma players review the results from the group league. It turns out they were in Group H and defeated all their opponents, including the top seed, Belgium, to advance. Belgium ended up in second place. All the Aramenoma players are covered in masks and even the visible hair is the same for everyone.

A ball comes flying over the fence and Momoshiro smashes it back into a ball basket as a greeting. However, he hits it too strong and makes the basket falls over.

The Aramenoma players notice him and Momoshiro apologizes for disturbing them. When he raises his head again, all the masked people are staring in his direction. One of the masked men picks up one of the balls and taps Momoshiro on the shoulder, asking if Momoshiro can hit some more.

The practice match starts off with Momoshiro's serve. Meanwhile, Yushi looks worried and wonders why Momoshiro agreed to playing. Still, he's hiding behind the bushes to film the match.

Momoshiro has the upper hand at first and shows off a new move, Neo Black Jack Knife, but then the other masks start chanting a song (which just seems to be "Aramenoma" over and over). Supposedly it's a curse.

Ryoma comments that trying to spy on Aramenoma was unnecessary to begin with and heads back to the hotel. Others are shocked by Ryoma being so cold despite both him and Momoshiro going to the same school.

Back at the Aramenoma courts, they have lit a bonfire, seemingly performing a ceremony. There's also more chanting.

Suddenly, a ball hits one of the masks in the front and makes it crack. Despite his earlier words, Ryoma has come to avenge Momoshiro together with Kintarou. Ryoma destroys the Aramenoma players. After he's done, he tells them not to underestimate Japan.

Aramenoma was meant to be Japan's opponent in the round of 16 but forfeited because of Ryoma and Kintaro.

Tennis Record

Aramenoma defeated all their opponents in their group. They defeated the UK U-17 World Cup Team, Serbia U-17 World Cup Team, and Brazil U-17 World Cup Team. They were the winners of their group. They defeated all their opponents in 5 sets (3-2).

They forfeited in the round of 16 because Ryoma and Kintaro destroys them.