Ep. # Title Original Release Date
1 "Seishun Gakuen" August 26, 2011
The first years are told Seigaku's seven ghost stories by Momoshiro. They are quite common stories but the third year members leave the club room in a hurry. Fuji says "It's time to confide this to you" and he begins to tell what he experienced two years ago.
2 "Tanjou! Buchou Shiraishi Kuranosuke" August 26, 2011
Shiraishi becomes the captain of Shitenhoji Tennis Club. In order to maintain the club, the members have to invite a new member. They try to attract Zaizen's attention by showing him jokes but Zaizen passes them off.
3 "Kyuushuu Niyoku" October 26, 2011
The history of the kings of Kyūshū (Kippei Tachibana and Senri Chitose).
4 "Jirou no Mezame" October 26, 2011
A history involving Jirou Akutagawa and Bunta Marui.

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