Ep. # Title Original Release Date
1 "The Prince of Naniwa" May 26, 2009
After the Nationals, Seigaku goes on a trip to Osaka for the purpose of training with Shitenhouji. Meanwhile, back in America, Ryoma re-encounters with Ryoga, whom he sees training in a slum.
2 "Turbulence, The Young Atobe" May 26, 2009
The story of Hyoutei's Third year regulars when they first entered middle school.
3 "The Prince of Naniwa, The Second Act" May 27, 2009
When Momoshiro and Kaidoh lose their cool while training the first and second years and Ryoma returns from America to Osaka.
4 "The Trials of Rikkai, A Rebel who Challenges an Emperor" October 25, 2009
A flashback to when Kirihara first joins Rikkadai and challenges the last years winning regulars of the national tournament so that he can become number one. He loses to Rikkai's Big Three, but he vows to beat them.

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