The Prince of Tennis
Season 5, Episode 125
Episode 125
Air date
March 17, 2004
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Clash! Ryoma vs Sanada

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Angry Fuji is the 125th episode of the original Prince of Tennis series. It was aired on March 17, 2004.


The match between the angel and the devil continues. Akaya rallies to the sides, forcing Fuji to run through the whole court, causing pressure to be applied to his knee. It's a cruel and unforgiving tactic, but that is the way Kirihara plays. Fuji wants to continue the match no matter what, so he pushes himself through the pain. When Kirihara serves, sometimes he also hits ball with a twist serve, so that it can be aimed towards Fuji's face. Fuji counters these with Tsubame Gaeshi, which makes Akaya just more determined to crush him. After so much rallying Fuji is hit again, this time a smash straight to the chest. Everyone wonders if this is the end, when Kippei Tachibana yells for the genius to stand up. Both of them have recieved the same treatment from Rikkai Dai, making it more emotional, as Tachibana is the one that understands Fuji's situation the most. And after Akaya pretends to fault the ball, so that it will reach the fence and scare Tachibana, Fuji has had enough. He becomes 100% serious.

Fuji surprises Akaya with his own version of a Knuckle Serve, which causes psychological damage. By also knocking Rikkai player's racket out of his hand, Fuji begins to control the game. Fuji also develops a left foot split step and upper body swing to cope with the pain in his knee. He even hits Akaya in the knee, but this is purely a coincidence and not intentional move. But Akaya doesn't believe it, and he now understands the pain and fear that his opponents had been feeling the whole time he was playing them. He loses the game with a newfound, monstrous fear of Fuji and perhaps himself. Rikkai loses their second match, creating a 2:2 tie, with everything being settled in Singles 1.

New Moves Introduced

Left foot split step and upper body swing- a moves adapted by Fuji to cope with his knee injury.