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Angel and Bible is the sixth episode for the New Prince of Tennis OVA series.


Liliadent Krauser plays his shuffle match against High Schooler Nakagauchi Sotomichi, but passes out from exhaustion during the match. Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Kirihara Akaya play their shuffle match, but something changes them a bit.


The team shuffle match between the 3rd Court and 5th Court. The 5th Court team of middle schoolers, led by Oni, dropped their first match after being overwhelmed by the tremendous power of the high schoolers.Krauser takes on Nakagauchi Sotomichi in Singles 3 of the Team Shuffle, but ends up fainting. Next up, the second match is left to the doubles pair of Shiraishi and Akaya.  However, their opponents, Matsudaira and Shinobu, repeatedly provokes Akaya.  As the match proceeds completely at their opponents’ pace, Akaya becomes increasingly frustrated.  Shiraishi, who tries to keep Akaya calm, wants to stop the unstable cause of his Devil Mode.  Shiraishi recalls what Yanagi requested of him before he left the training camp. Akaya turns into Devil Mode and tries to hit Matsudaira, Shiraishi interferes and Akaya accidently hits his bandages. His bandages loosen and fall off revealing a Golden Gauntlet. They start playing and win a couple of games. However in the middle of the match Miyako starts attacking Akaya and even orders Matsudaira to do the same as they realize that Kirihara is the weaker player in Shiraishi/Kirihara pair. This angers Akaya even more, and Kirihara eventually goes into a new mode called Angel Mode. With this Akaya and Shiraishi win the match with the score being 6-4.

While walking off the court Akaya sees a concious Liliadent sitting on the bench. He gives him a friendly thumbs up. After the ending credits we see Akaya telling Shiraishi his barber. When Shiraishi receives it, he notices that the name of the shop is Hair Salon Angel.

Moves IntroducedEdit


  • The anime adds in a scene where Kirihara tells Shiraishi his barber since Shiraishi was frequently complimenting his hair. 
  • Unlike most anime adaptations, this episode cut various scenes that exist in the manga when adapting it for anime as oppose to adding to it.

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