Angel kirihara

Kirihara in Angel Mode

Angel Mode is similar to Devil mode in appearance however a major difference is that he doesn't go insane when accessing it and his control and abilities sky-rocket. He first accesses it when he is playing Matsudaira and Miyako of the third court at the U-17 camp.

Shiraishi had revealed his gold gauntlet and increased the speed of his serves however Miyako had found a weakness after Kirihara and Shiraishi had caught up. Miyako preceeded to hit Akaya on service returns causing him to go into what appeared to be the Devil mode, Miyako decided that to rip apart the doubles pair however Akaya had kept his sanity this time creating what the audience called the Angel Mode. Whilst in this state, Kirihara appeared to be able to keep all of the benefits of Devil Mode whilst in complete control of his mind.

Whilst in Angle Mode, Kirihara's eyes are no longer a devilish red colour.




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