American team

The American Team was part of the "Senbatsu Training Camp" and "Good Will Games" arc only seen in the anime of The Prince of Tennis.


Richard Baker is the American team's extremely strict coach, who views tennis as a great show, and his pupils as the actors and pawns for success. He often expects his players to win or lose based on his idea of entertainment. He is later fired for squandering funding on expensive advertising and promotion for his team.


  • Kevin Smith is the captain of the team. He wishes to play Ryoma to settle a rival feud between his father, George Smith, and Ryoma's father, Nanjiro Echizen. George becomes very strict with Kevin's training and turns to alcohol, which causes Kevin to view him as worthless. He plays a highly destructive form of tennis used to injure other players, and he copies Ryoma's style. When he and Ryoma meet up in the United States he shows a more cheerful and gentler side, without losing his competitiveness.
  • Arnold Ignashov (アーノルド・イグニショフ Ānorudo Igunishofu) is an immigrant from East Germany, who becomes disillusioned and turns to life as a street punk. He eventually finds a sports magazine, and becomes involved in tennis. Not wanting to return to his previous lifestyle, he practices and wins every official match until playing Shusuke Fuji. Arnold is called a tennis machine because of his accuracy and the ability to predict and counter his opponent's shots.
  • Bobby Max (ボビー・マックス Bobī Makkusu) is the tallest and most muscularly developed of his fellow teammates, earning him the nickname, "Beast Bulldozer". Bobby often struggles to control his temper and poor sportsmanship, which have gotten him banned from most sports in his school until being introduced to tennis. Previously, Bobby played basketball and American football.
  • Tom Griffey (トム・グリフィー Tomu Gurifī) is the older brother, as well as the doubles partner of Terry Griffey (テリー・グリフィー Terī Gurifī). They were raised by their aunt following the death of their parents. They support themselves and their aunt by collecting items from the garbage and performing tennis tricks. Baker discovers them and "rescues" (more like bought) them from their aunt, which leaves them deeply indebted.
  • Billy Cassidy (ビリー・キャシディ Birī Kyashidi) is a boy who moves to Los Angeles after being on a ranch most of his life. He begins to play tennis to become a person worthy of attention of Stephanie, the daughter of one of Baker's sponsors.
  • Michael Lee (マイケル・リー Maikeru Rī) is the only son of a successful Chinese businessman, and is a United States immigrant. His father's personal philosophies of hard work and success shaped Michael's personality and tennis play. He has also practiced kung fu for many years, enhancing his speed and reflexes when playing tennis.

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