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2nd Year Sanada with Yukimura

Yukimura and Sanada as seen in the anime

Alpha Pair is the accepted term to describe the romantic relationship between Sanada Genichirō and Yukimura Seiichi. They are both from the same team of Rikkai.


Tumblr miycb4Qv8w1rrv2z0o1 400

Sanada and Yukimura in the New Prince of Tennis

  • Both Sanada and Yukimura have known each other since they were four years old. In the anime Sanada blushed when he first met Yukimura.
  • Sanada is unquestioningly loyal to Yukimura.
  • Like Tezuka and Fuji, Sanada and Yukimura are almost always seen together.
  • Sanada has frequently visited Yukimura in the hospital more than most of his members and always reassures Yukimura whenever Yukimura mentions that he is putting a burden on Sanada. In the Tenipuri episodes and Mini Theaters, Yukimura's "burden" is highly exaggerated and is often made fun of, to the point where Sanada cannot refuse any of Yukimura's requests (and most recently, demands).

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