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Adorable Pair is the widely accepted name for the belief that Atobe Keigo and Akutagawa Jirō share a romantic

Atobe and Akutagawa featured on a trading card

relationship. They are on the same tennis team, and there are a few hints.

Hints Edit

  • Atobe shows great confidence in Akutagawa's abilities, whereas he wouldn't usually boast to that amount.
  • Atobe is one of the few people that Akutagawa actually gets excited to play a match against, the others being Marui Bunta and Fuji Shūsuke.
  • Atobe is also one of the few people Akutagawa listens to.
  • In the 1st volume of the Pair Puri fanbooks, Akutagawa says that Atobe has been 'his hero' since the first year of middle school.
  • In the manga, Akutagawa sleeps through Atobe's match against Ryoma in the Nationals quarterfinals. This could be interpreted as him having so much trust in Atobe's ability to win that he doesn't even have to watch the match to see the outcome.
  • It has been stated in the fanbooks that Atobe looks out for Akutagawa quite a lot, buying him lunch, sending him home by limousine or sending a helicopter to pick him up during an excursion.
  • During New Prince of Tennis, right after Akutagawa saw Shiraishi's golden arm and excitedly told Atobe about it being cool, Atobe insulted it by saying it looked gaudy. This may hint at an undertone of jealousy.
  • Atobe will bend his firmly placed rules for Akutagawa, like how he allows him to sleep while everyone else practices. In an OVA episode, he even arranges practice matches with Rikkai so Akutagawa can achieve one of his dreams and play Marui Bunta again.
  • Akutagawa is the only known person other than Taki Haginosuke that Atobe calls by his first name.

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