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A New Regular Appears!? (新レギュラー現る!? Shin Regyurā Arawaru!?) is the twenty-eighth episode of the series and the first in the Tokyo Preliminary - St. Rudolph arc. The opening song is "Driving Myself" by Hiro-X and the ending is "Keep your Style" by Mastaka Fujishige.


Running late to the tournament, Horio has to pretend to be Ryoma. Next up is the terrifying St.Rudolph!

Characters Introduced

Tennis Techniques Introduced


Manga Chapter Equivalents

  • Chapter 49: Opening
  • Chapter 50: These Guys Are Too Good

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Sakuno and Tomoko were present when Horio was pretending to be Ryoma in the anime, this was not in the manga.
  • Inoue and Shiba were there for the matches in the anime, they were not shown in the manga.
  • Yamabuki and Hyotei watched Tezuka's match in the anime, they did not appear in the manga.
  • A few characters lines were switched with others in the anime.