• The start of the Ryoma and Momoshiro's "AH-UN" doubles strategy.
  • Momoshiro yelling out "AH"
  • Ryoma replying with "UN."
  • Momoshiro returning the shot.
The AH-UN strategy is a doubles strategy used against Gyokurin during Seigaku's first districts match by Doubles 2 pair Ryoma and Momoshiro, helping them win the match. However, according to Coach Ryuzaki, Ryoma and Momoshiro were doing it wrong- the real AH-UN strategy was demonstrated by Kikumaru and Oishi in their Doubles 1 match against Fudomine.

Ryoma and Momoshiro's "inaccurate" version consists of them yelling out "AH" and "UN" based in their location on the court as a signal of who will get the ball and the reply of okay, something which spectators like Horio note as extremely embarassing.

The true AH-UN strategy described by Coach Ryuzaki was one where your doubles partner is able to accompany your playstyle- such as Kikumaru and Oishi being able to cover each other's grounds without having to yell out embarassing signals.


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